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December 2014

Kurt W. Kamber


This will be the last issue of our TELEGRAPH for this year. Subsequently, it will be the ideal moment to reflect on the activities of our chamber during 2014. Aside from the regular annual meeting of members and the various After Work Apéros was, no doubt, the two Swiss-Malta Roundtable Events 2014 in Zurich and in Geneva. We had good attendance and the presentations were well received.

No doubt, the audience was impressed by the professionalism of the speakers, the attractions and opportunities Malta has to offer. The common reaction was that we should make such events an annual happening and perhaps give more time to the audience for discussions and question rounds.

It was also suggested to include Basel onto next-years presentation schedule. Tentatively we plan the three meetings in Geneva, Basel and Zurich for the early part of September 2015, possibly from Tuesday 1 to Wednesday, 3 September 2015. We will have an especially interesting program in store for you. Do not miss the Swiss-Malta Roundtable Event 2015 and make an immediate note in your itinerary.

We wish all our members a pleasant start into the year 2015, success in your endeavours and above all good health.

Kurt W. Kamber, President

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Members offer their services
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We have been approached to give each member of our chamber a chance to offer his services to the other members. We gladly will cede to this wish and will reserve a special place in our TELEGRAPH.

The text should be brief and precise to make the best impact. We will gladly take your prepared layout for insertion. The cost will be CHF 200.00 per issue.

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Merry Christmas

Malta takes line honours in residency offerings

On a sunny Saturday morning a few weeks back, a client from overseas and I craned over a large crowd of people at a prominent garden on the bastions surrounding Valletta to watch the start of the Rolex Middle Sea Race, one of the world's great classic offshore races, 608 nautical miles long.
A few months back, we were in a hotel lobby in St Julians to discuss his family's move to Malta when I had described the spectacular start of the previous year's race.
I recall that he was intrigued by the benefits offered by the various residency schemes in Malta but I am sure he was definitely more captivated by the photos of the start.
I cannot blame him – the image of the large sails, extended to their maximum capacity to capture the light breeze in a harbour surrounded by high honey-coloured bastions is absolutely stunning.
I suppose that image captures Malta's essential characteristics: the fabulous all-year round weather (it hit the 25° degrees Celsius mark on the day of this year's start, 18 October), Malta's rich legacy of historical buildings and architectural gems and the various perfect spots for sports (whether it's sailing, golf, scuba diving or snorkelling). Add to that the relatively low cost of living in Malta, Malta's first class healthcare services, high quality education whether at primary, secondary or tertiary levels, the wide range of properties available to rent or purchase and the fact that most entertainment hubs are always within walking distance, and you end up with a true five-start destination.

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Malta voted as the Most Favoured Fund Domicile in Europe

For the second consecutive year, Malta has been coveted with Europe's Most Favoured Domicile award at the Hedge Funds Review 13th European Fund of Hedge Funds Awards 2014. The European Fund of Hedge Funds Awards remains the only signature event held exclusively for the European fund of hedge fund sector and as such continues to attract the top names from the industry.
The Hedge Fund Awards are determined on the basis of a rigorous methodology that provides quantitative and qualitative analysis and voted by an impartial panel of judges which include top professionals from the funds industry.

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Loan Funds –
Investing trough loans

Until recently, natural and legal persons (including funds) were prohibited from granting loans to third parties unless done on purely a one-off basis or unless in possession of a financial institutions licence. As a result of this risk, funds which intended to regularly or habitually provide loans excluded Malta when considering their optimal fund domicile. The licensing requirement, coupled with the often strict interpretation of the MFSA as to what constitutes ‘lending' and what constitutes ‘regular' or ‘habitual', has meant that funds have been unable to grant loans without risking a licensing trigger. In response to this issue the MFSA created a new model for funds wishing to carry out lending activities by allowing alternative investment funds (AIFs) and professional investor funds (PIFs) to ‘invest through loans' provided a number of conditions are met.

... more | Camilleri Preziosi –
Laragh Cassur


Malta Citizenship by Investment:
First approvals out

Swiss-Malta Chamber member Malta Law firm Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates has received the first letters of "In Principle Approval" marking the first Malta Citizenship Approvals under the Individual Investor Programme. The firm represented the first Malta citizenship applicants at the inception of the Malta Individual Investor Programme earlier this February.

... more | Chetcuti Cauchi Advocates –
Dr. Jean-Philippe Chetcuti

Investor Programme

By virtue of Legal Notice LN47/2014 the Government of the Republic of Malta may now grant citizenship by naturalisation to those who have invested in the economy of Malta and after a rigid and thorough due diligence process.

... more | CSB Groupe –
Diane Borg Bascetta

The Privileges of being a Member of the Swiss-Maltese Chamber of Commerce

Aside from the fact that you are guaranteed to receive every forthcoming issue of our TELEGRAPH newsletter, the possibility to meet other member friends at our After Work Apéros for exchanges of views, experiences and know-how in regard to their Malta activities.

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Malta – The EU Trust and Foundation Jurisdiction

Certainty and Security – Malta is, as a civil law country within the European Union with a distinct Anglo-Saxon heritage, well placed to offer the benefits of both systems in a trust and foundation context.

... more | Papilio Services Ltd. –
Thomas Jacobsen




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